Convoy C8+ 365nm UV LED Flashlight
US Patent #7781751

Product Features

  • High performance 365 nm ultraviolet LED
  • 1-3/4" inch head with 39mm ZWB2 glass filter pre-installed
  • Included extension tube allows for 2 18650 Lithium Ion batteries, instead of the rechargeable RCR123A batteries that the standard Convoy C8 uses. If the extension tube is taken off, the RCR123A batteries can still be used.
  • Increased output via 1500mA buck driver
  • Waterproof standard IP-65 protects the unit from accidental water immersion
  • Ergonomic knurling pattern offers a comfortable yet secure grip
  • Polished reflector emits excellent beam shape

Product Specifications

  • ON/OFF Click switch in tail cap
  • Battery two standard 18650 lithium-ion battery (protected)
  • Output - see description below
  • Dimensions 8 3/4" long x 15/16" diameter (body)
  • Weight approximately 180g


How to Order

Convoy C8+ UV Flashlight Price

Description Part Number Price (Each)
Convoy C8+ UV LED Flashlight with 365nm UV LED (black)
(Includes filtered flashlight, extension tube, two standard capacity 18650 batteries and a charger).
C8UVLED $79.00
Additional standard capacity 18650 protected batteries (1,300 mA) - DISCONTINUED -- N/A
Additional high capacity 18650 protected batteries (2,500 mA) -- $4.50 ea.

Product Description

This product was inspired by Mark Cole. Way Too Cool asked the Convoy manufacturer to make a REAL CONVOY flashlight based on Mark's design. Mark modified a Convoy C8 flashlight by installing a UV LED and a filter. Mark then open-sourced the design. The problem with Mark open sourcing this flashlight design is that the use of the filter in the UV LED flashlight is illegal infringement of the patent and telling everyone to make their own is also illegal infringement. Making and selling filtered UV LED flashlights without a license to use the patent is illegal. Way Too Cool urges you not to support patent infringement. Because of patent (US 7781751), the Convoy manufacturer has agreed that William Gardner is the exclusive distributor in the USA of Convoy's newest UV product. Please do not buy counterfeit or "re-invented" products made in someone's house, when the genuine product is available from the Convoy manufacturer through Way Too Cool, and WTC Dealers.

The actual manufacturer of the Convoy S2+ UV flashlights has created a new filtered UV flashlight specifically for Way Too Cool (WTC) using the Convoy C8 host. This new flashlight's standard package consists of the Filtered flashlight, the Extension tube, two standard capacity 18650 batteries and a charger for two batteries.


This is a high-performance light and is not intended for continuous use because the LED WILL overheat and burn out if the light is left on continuously for too long. The flashlight sheds the excess heat to the surrounding air - so if it is cold out - say less than 55 degrees F, the flashlight may be operated for much longer periods of time than if the surroundings are room temperature. When the head of the flashlight feels hot to the touch, turn the flashlight off and let it cool for a few minutes. Just turn it on when looking, off when not. Don't make the mistake of putting it in your pocket when it is turned on.

Except for the LED itself, there is a standard 1 year warranty for the main components of the flashlight. Burned out LEDs are covered for a three-month warranty. If you burn out the LED after three months, you can ship the head of the flashlight to Way Too Cool at your expense, and for a fee of $18.00, WTC will replace the LED and ship the head back to you.

Our Convoy C8+ UV has several important differences from a standard Convoy C8 white light. It is custom-manufactured by Convoy exclusively for sale in the USA by William Gardner/Way Too Cool, LLC, and WTC dealers. This flashlight includes a ZWB2 filter glass pre-installed. It uses a high quality ultraviolet 365nm LED, the same one found in our Convoy S2+ UV flashlights. The C8 has a 1500mA buck driver driven at 7.4VDC (when used with two RCR123A/16340 rechargeable batteries OR with two 18650 rechargeable batteries).


The LED is a Class 3B LED hazard. Do NOT look directly into the beam of the flashlight and do not point it towards any eyes.

Built to Waterproof Standard IP-65, the unit is safe from accidental water immersion, the Ergonomic Knurling Pattern offers a comfortable, secure grip, and the reflector emits excellent beam shape. The flashlight has an ON/OFF Click switch in the tail cap, and it has a Lanyard. The power supply is two protected 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

Testing shows that the C8 light is slightly more powerful than the Convoy 6/3 offered by Way Too Cool Dealers. This new flsahlight appears to be brighter than the 6 watt Convoy S2+ UV flashlight because the reflector is larger and is shaped differently (and there is a larger filter glass). It is able to fluoresce a sample of Greenland fluorescent sodalite at a distance of approximately 80 feet. The light has a 1-3/4" diameter head and a polished reflector that focuses the UV output to an intense, but smooth "spot" with a range of 80 feet for finding specimens up close or quite far away. The intensity of the beam is strong enough to cause fluorescence in materials that do not fluoresce very well under the normal UV A tubes used in standard UV lamp fixtures.

Battery and Charging Information

Some of the WTC Dealers offer different options for the batteries and the charger. When purchased directly from WTC, the flashlight set comes with two standard capacity protected rechargeable Li-ION batteries, the filter pre-installed, the extension tube, and a charger for 2 batteries. The flashlight needs protected batteries so if one battery is dead and the other is fully charged, there will not be high current flows that might overheat the wiring. Using the two standard capacity 18650 Li-ION batteries that are supplied with the flashlight when you buy directly from WTC, the flashlight provides approximately 1.5 hours of use on a charge per set of batteries.

The batteries will arrive partially discharged because of postal regulations and the batteries should be charged prior to use. Please be aware that some manufacturers claim that their 18650 batteries are rated for up to 9,900 mAh and that any value over 3,500 mAh should be suspected of exaggerating.

The set also comes with a simple-to-use Li-ION smart charger with fold-away US style prongs. While the batteries are charging the LED will be red. When the batteries are fully charged, the LED turns a solid green and the batteries should be removed from the charger. If you have questions about the charger, please contact us with your concerns.

How to Order