Support Information for UV Lamps

Our WayTooCool UV lamps are built to last under the most harsh conditions. We provide the following information to assist you in the event of a problem with your lamp. Please see the troubleshooting information below if you are experiencing a problem with one of your WayTooCool UV lamp fixtures.

Issue: Lamp won't light up

1. Make sure there is power. Do you hear the fan running? If no power, call us for further instruction.

2. Are the bulbs/tubes intact or did they break during shipping? (Make sure if they have broken that you use gloves so that you do not cut yourself). Contact us to order replacement tubes. (This almost never happens).

3. Remove the lid and check that each of the tubes is firmly seated in the socket. During shipping the tubes can come loose. On the 9 watt lamps you should see a spot of black silicone at the socket. This is placed to help prevent it from coming loose. Break that seal and push firmly on the tube to make sure it is seated. You may feel it slip into place. Try the lamp again to see if that solves the problem.

On all other lamps you should see copper wire that is weaved through the "H" of the tube and the base of the socket. It is okay to cut this or untwist it to push the tube into the socket.

4. Are there any exposed or disconnected wires? If yes, contact us.

5. One tube lights but the others do not. Take out the tube that works and place it in the other sockets that do not work. If the same tube lights in the other sockets, then you may have a blown tube or two. If it does not light up in the other position(s) then you may have a ballast issue.

How to Replace a Bulb/Tube

Please follow these instructions to replace a bulb/tube.

Bulb seated in socket

The bulb is seated in the socket with 2 contact pins.

Insert screwdriver into the channel; do not press against the socket

Insert a flat blade screwdriver into the channel at the base of the bulb. It is not necessary to press the screwdriver against the socket.

Apply gentle pressure to slide the bulb away from the socket

Apply gentle pressure and slide the bulb/tube away from the socket. The bulb will slide out from the socket and can be replaced.

Repair Service

If your problem is not solved by the troubleshooting on this page, or if you are not comfortable with opening up the fixture/troubleshooting the issue yourself, we do offer a repair service for lamps manufactured by WayTooCool. Please Contact Us for details as each repair is different.


For more information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.