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About Way Too Cool LLC

Fluorescent Specimens Way Too Cool, LLC was founded in 1998 by Bill Gardner. He holds multiple degrees including an AS in engineering and a BA in geology specializing in mineralogy. Bill was a NRC licensed Reactor Operator at Yankee Atomic Electric Company in Rowe, MA.

In 1996, Bill and 5 other people started collecting minerals at the Purple Passion Mine in Arizona. For the first year, the focus was hunting for good specimens of wulfenite and we dug a shaft about 55 feet deep into the mineralized vein. Although we found many interesting specimens, we never did find high value wulfenite specimens and one by one the other collectors dropped out. However, around 1997, Steve from Michigan bought some wulfenite specimens and asked if any of the material was fluorescent. We said we would borrow a UV lamp fixture and find out. We saw the material fluorescing brilliant red, green, blue, and white. What we saw changed my life.

Fluorescent minerals are very hard to sell without UV lamp fixtures and vice versa. UV lamp fixtures are expensive – there is no doubt about it. At the time my resources to put towards mineral collecting were pretty slim and I built a UV lamp fixture using a 36 watt linear tube/bulb/lamp from a swimming pool sterilizer, a piece of 2-foot plastic pipe, some aluminum foil, and a piece of Hoya U325C filter glass. The rest is history. Here is a photo of the very first UV lamp fixture I built.

Bill is committed to customer satisfaction. He is constantly researching the most cost effective ways to bring fluorescent lamp fixtures to the world.

From UV lamp fixtures for new rock hounds and museums to everyone in between, Way Too Cool LLC has a lamp for you!

Bill Gardner - Founder and CEO

Diane Gardner - Founder and Chief Accountant

Looking to upgrade your existing WTC lamp? Ask about our trade in/trade up program!

We often have refurbished lamp fixtures available at a discount. They still have the one year warranty (excluding glass and tubes and any misuse).

We offer repair services for any lamp fixture - including those not manufactured by us!

We can make custom UV lamp fixtures for your specific needs.


We look forward to lighting your rock world!

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