Customer Testimonials

This page features some testimonials and reviews that we have received from real Way Too Cool customers. They have not been paid or compensated in any way for their reviews.

I have owned several lights from Way Too Cool. My first is a long & short 110 volt lamp. It has been flawless for years. Their flashlights are amazing! More recently, we purchased a short/mid/long lamp and it had a minor issue that Way Too Cool immediately took care of. It was less than a week from the time it left my place to the time they shipped it back to me. We will continue to buy lights from them for years to come. You can't find customer service like this anymore these days. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality light from a company you can trust. Thank You Way Too Cool!

Anthony V.

I'm loving this twin-bulb 35W unit, it is very well constructed. I can confidently sterilize all surfaces in my 11x10 foot square exam room within 5 minutes. I would recommend Way Too Cool, LLC's UV-C products to anyone in the healthcare industry that would like a better way to keep their environment as safe as possible.

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Tiffany Pincombe, O.D. 802 Eye Care

My experience using a Convoy 2 flashlight has been wonderful! I spent many evenings out hunting for Yooperlites and had great success even after others had combed the beach in front of me. This flashlight is amazing!! Better still is the customer service you will receive if you shop at Way to Cool. William goes above and beyond in every way possible. He took the time to call me when I had a ton of questions about flashlights. He is a wealth of Information!

William also sent me a new upgraded charger at no cost to me when mine wasn't working properly. I would absolutely recommend his company to anyone looking for top notch products and suburb customer service.

Kathy H.