These articles may be of interest to those seeking to learn more about the Purple Passion mine, fluorescent minerals, and the history of Way Too Cool LLC. They are provided here as an informational resource.

About Our UV LED Flashlight Patent

by Bill Gardner

The design of our UV LED flashlights is protected by United States patent law. Read more about the technology covered by US Patent #7781751.

About Convoy Flashlights

by Bill Gardner

An overview of the different variations of the Convoy S2 flashlight, including an explanation of changes made by the manufacturer for Way Too Cool LLC.

A Perspective on Wavelength Transformation by Absorptive Optical Filters (PDF)

by Steve Caldwell

This article provides a simple physics demonstration that can be used to explore terms such as "wavelength distribution" and "wavelength transforming" as they may apply to absorptive filters such as common longwave UV filters or shortwave filters. This demonstration can be reproduced by anyone with basic equipment – a "well equipped basement." The nature of this article is informational. It deals with basic science observations and does not address any aspect of patent law whatsoever.

Collecting at the Purple Passion Mine

by Bill Gardner

Read a narrative about traveling to the mountains north of Wickenburg, Arizona to collect fluorescent rocks and gems from the Purple Passion Mine. This article appeared in the March 1998 issue of Rock & Gem Magazine.

Diamond Joe Mine Report (1957)

by Louis F. Bombardieri

Review this 1957 report on the Diamond Joe Mine by Chief Engineer Louis F. Bombardieri following his visit to the site to examine the mineral samples.

Diamond Joe Mine Report (1934)

by W.B. Gohring

This 1934 report from mining engineer W.B. Gohring provides a detailed cost analysis to operate the Diamond Joe mine in its day, however the real value is his analysis of the vein and the ore found there.

Mineral Record: The Purple Passion Mine

by Way Too Cool

A comprehensive history and geology of the Purple Passion Mine located in Yavapai County, Arizona.


by Way Too Cool

Some historical information about the unusual Wulfenite crystal formations found at the Purple Passion Mine.