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How do I chose?

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Filter Glass




Field VS Display-

Why would I want a lamp fixture with UV B?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Choosing a lamp fixture to suit your needs can be confusing. We are here to help.






9 watt lamps available in battery operated and 110 (wall outlet). Primarily a field lamp because it is lightweight and small.  It weighs from 2.5lbs for the single to 4.8lbs for the triple.  AC models are heavier than DC (battery models). The best starter lamp due to versatility. These models will light a 12 X 12 cube area nicely.

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7 5/8” X 6 X 3


Dual and Triple

8 x 6 x 3 &  3-5 lbs

18 Watt lamps are also available in AC and DC.  Field lamp as well as display lamp. ( I prefer this for field collecting).  You can light up more area from a larger distance.  They are a bit pricey but well worth it!  Again when we say 18 watts that's what you get.  On a dual 2 18 watt tubes and triple 3-18 watt tubes.  The lamp will easily light an area display for the single 18” wide X 16” tall x 12 deep. The dual and triple are a bit different due to shape but it will light up at least 14-16” width x 16-18 tall x 14-16 deep.

15 1/8 “ L X 6

6/8” H X 3 1/8” W

3-4 lb  

10 3/8”L  X

5 9/16”H 7”W

3-6 lbs

36 and 60 watt lamps are built in the same chassis (boxes).  These units are available only in AC 110-240 volts.  They are intended to be used as display lamps.  (I do have a couple of hard core rock hounds that do use inverters and take the 36 watt lamps into the field).  The 36 watt is often the first choice for new display for small museums and displays.  It will nicely light up areas of 24 wide x 24 high x 12-20” deep depending on materials. The 60 will give a slightly larger range with much more brilliance and you can stretch the coverage area up to 2-4” in any direction.

18 ¼ “L X 8 1/8 “H X 4 1/8 ‘ W

4-7 lbs single vs dual

18 L X 9  W X 4 H

15 lbs

95-285 Watts-Lamps are the brightest and strongest  UV display lamps available.  We have these available with a a remote control option and white light LED option.  We call this the “QUAD”.  My favorite thing about the triple 95 and quad is that it has a narrow profile and sets into a large display very nicely.  We have custom WTC tubes made for our 95 watt models that have coating to minimize UV degradation of the tubes.  They have true 368 nm long wave and narrow band Mid wave tubes and of course 254 nm short wave. These lamps(triples & quad) are designed to cover an area that is 6’ in length 4’ deep and 4-5’ tall.  The single and dual lamps will cover approximately 30-36” X 30-36” X 4’ height. (This is due to the box being 24” long).