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What makes your Way Too Cool lamps special?

We manufacture a full line of ultraviolet lamp fixtures ranging from 4 watt models to 285 watt models. They are handcrafted in AZ, USA.  Custom combinations of UV A, UV B, and UV C are not a problem.

Lamp fixtures are available in 12 volt DC (battery) from 9-18 watt models and and AC (wall plug) that will operate on 110 volts or 240 volts AC and 50 or 60 hertz.  

Smart switching ballast our 60 to 95 watt models use smart technology and will automatically switch to the voltage of 110 through 240.

We use the single largest HOYA filter glass of any display or field lamps (not all manufacturers use true HOYA glass).


Having fans to keep the lamp fixtures the proper temperature are essential in some models. The problem with using the small 9 watt field lamps as the UV source in a display cabinet or in an application requiring the lamp to be on for long periods of time is the build up of heat. If the unit is going to be on for long periods of time, having a fan is absolutely essential to circulate cooling air for preventing the ballast from overheating from the heat generated by the bulb and also to maximize the amount of UV that is emitted. I do not normally install cooling fans in the standard single or dual bulb 9 watt units because they are not generally intended to be used in display cabinets. Currently, I do make custom models of the single and dual 9 watt units with fans. I have made some of these custom units for use in several museums having multiple very small display cases and also for use with microscopes.

I do install fans as a standard feature in in all of the 9 watt units because of the extra heat load if all three lamps/tubes are on at the same time. All of the fans I currently use operate on 12 volt DC. For the DC fixtures, no additional power supply is needed because the 12 volt power supply will operate both the fan and the bulb(s). For the AC versions, I install an internal 12 volt power supply to run the fan. In the larger lamp fixtures, am currently using a 12 volt power supply that runs on any power from 100 volts to 240 volts and from 47 to 63 hertz. In the smaller units, I still use 110 volt AC 12 volt power supplies.

Why Is a Fan Important?

Lyman Hays, an electrical engineer, did independent testing of various lamp fixtures and reported his findings in the UV Waves (the newsletter of the Fluorescent Mineral Society (FMS) http://www.uvminerals.org. Of particular interest is Lyman s statement: "In my earlier discussion, I observed the Way Too Cool 95 Watt light is the brightest of those tested. According to Figure 2, its peak irradiance is about 11% higher than that of the next brightest light, the TripleBright II. Measurements for Figure 2 were made after the lights were on long enough for their internal air temperatures to stabilize. If instead comparison is made using the highest irradiance values reached as the lights warmed, then the Way Too Cool 95 W reached peak irradiance 43% higher than did the TripleBright II. This example serves to illustrate the importance of temperature control."

As a direct result of Lyman's testing, I have added much more cooling to the 95 watt lamps (and to many of the other display units). On the larger wattage units, I now use TWO centrifugal blowers rated at about 40 CFM each - with one blower pulling air into the unit and one blower pushing air out of the unit. This provides much more cooling air flow and as a result, the UV output is greatly increased. Using two fans does not double the air flow, but it does increase it by up to 50%.

The 60 watt bulbs/tubes require a pretty strong cooling air flow as they were designed to be in HVAC ducts with air flow past them. The only time I would not run the fan is if I were outside running the lamp under cold conditions. DO NOT LOOK AT THE OUTPUT of the lamp unless you have some sort of eye protection - even cheap plastic safety glasses allow you to actually look right at the filter.

You can tell if the lamp is too hot or too cold by the color of the filter glass during operation.  It should be a nice blue/violet.  If I appears red or pink(ish)  it is too hot or cold.  

We will always give you the true facts regarding UV components.

 Our mission is to provide an affordable and quality product that you can count on. We pride ourselves on standing behind all of the products we sell. Because each lamp is manufactured by hand in the USA it may take a bit longer to get a custom order but you can count on customer support long after our one year warranty has passed. We have been in business for over 15 years and we are very passionate about our involvement with the fluorescent rock hounding community.

Even if you do not have a WTC lamp we are happy to help!

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