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Maybe one of the tougher questions.  This depends greatly on the fluorescent properties in your specimens.  You can light up Calcite and Willemite from New Jersey and Australia with just about any power!  There a lot of beautiful fluorescents that are not so brilliant but quite charismatic.   So when we talk about wattage vs area to be displayed there are many things to keep in mind as follows: (I made room to print this and fill it in if you need to coordinate with others)

What is my/our budget?  We can start small and grow into the ideal selection. (trade in program, talked about next section).

What is the size of my display?(Include height, width, Depth).

What materials do I have in my collection?

Will I use stairs or risers of any kind?

What is the ambient light in the room? (Is it a living area, a bright show venue or is it a dark basement?).

This will get you started and we are available to help.

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